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That one girl
She's that one girl you see with the pencil woven
between her skinny fingers
She's the one who sits in the corner
instead of the middle of the room
The one who's always last to speak
The one who's words are kept secret to everyone
but herself
Always the one who bites
her own tongue
She's the girl who's beautiful
but doesn't think the same way
She's the one who can't be convinced
of the talents she holds
The flare that ignites the lives of the people around her
but she can't feel the heat for herself
She is weighed down by the insecurities she slings
over her shoulders
She's unconvinced of her own style
her own special self
She's the girl who paints
She's the girl who draws
She's the girl who writes
But second guesses every stroke of her brush
to every letter she prints
Shes that one girl whose eyes display a world
all her own
But she sees a somber world
staring back at her
She sees
:iconmimibert:Mimibert 297 66
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1000 points from Booboo [CLOSED]
It's almost Booboo's bday and it's been a long time since she and I did a give away ♥

:star: Fav this journal so I know that you're in : )
:star: I choose 10 winners with (100 points each)
:star: You don't have to watch me, but it's appreciated if you like my work or Booboo lol <3
I'll announce the winners August 29 @ this time ♥

The 10 winners of this give away are,
01. Qihah
02. freewolf17
03. lynnstar98
04. Prussian-Explosion
05. Emisferosinistro
06. silent0words
07. SinfulAnkh
08. Pure-Poison89
09. Bimmi1111
10. LivingDreamer97
Thank you all for the Booboo happy birthday wishes! :rose:
Will do another give away again soon : )

:points: Other give away
Pageview kiriban by FrancescaDelfino: ♥
:iconmeganjoy:meganjoy 1,425 847


Fankid Friday 06-08-18

All of June's Fankid Fridays are pride-themed!!!

June 9th was the birthday of my best girl (and the biggest lesbian in existence) Nozomi Tojo, so here’s another purple-haired lesbian giving tribute for June 8th’s Fankid Friday! :3c

(Megan doesn’t own tarot cards so instead it’s a big ol’ sapphic card)

I don't own Love Live!
I don't own Pokemon
I do own Megan~

Fankid Friday 06-01-18
I started a little thing called Fankid Friday on my tumblr.
Sometimes it's art, sometimes it's headcanons, it might be fic, it might be a moodboard/aesthetic, etc.

I'm not very consistent, but I figured I'd post the art here for those who remember my kiddos! :3c

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! June 1st was Fankid Friday, National Doughnut Day, AND the first day of Pride Month, so Jasmine is here to celebrate all of the above. Never be ashamed of who you are (or what you like to eat!)

I don't own Pokemon, doughnut day, the bisexual flag, etc.
I do own Jasmine~
Spiritual Summer
Queen of summer
Queen of spirituality
Queen of Snow Halation
Nozomi Tojo, queen of my heart 👑

better late than never oops sorry best girl ;A;

I don't own Love Live!
Summer Lovin'
Summer lovin', had me a blast
Summer lovin', happened so fast~

A Kacchako/Grease crossover was begging to happen.
I'm not sorry.

I don't own Grease
I don't own Boku no Hero Academia



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory, but naomochi is holding a raffle for a super cute headshot!

However, the raffle ends today, so if you're interested, hurry!! 

More details here <da:thumb id="699929722"/>
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